SOAL for exporting and trading is a part of EBE-A group, specialized in Production and exporting of agricultural crops. Our packing houses have quality certificate for many types of fresh fruits and vegetables. . we specialize in planting fruits in particular Mango and mandarin, our produce characterized with the best quality, our experience in this field is extends to more than 50 years. Our farms located in one of the villages in south Giza about 90 KM from Cairo. we produce various types and varieties of fruits with the best quality. We have many sources deployed in Egypt.

Our Products


navel Valencia mandarin


(festival - fortona - winter star)


(Early sweet, Superior, Thompson, Flame seedless, Crimson, and Red globe)


( Kensington - fajri Kalan - Heidi – Keitt – Kent – palmer - tommy Atkins – maya - A2 R2 – Osteen )


( azizi - picual – Kalamata - manzanilla )