SOAL is part of ElBeheiry for Engineering and Trading (EBE-T) marked in production, trading, and exportation of top-quality Egyptian crops from SOAL farms and supplied local sources. Our farms are located in south Giza, about 90 km away from central Cairo. We specialize in the production of mangoes, mandarins, plums and sweet potatoes.

SOAL is dedicated to understanding and pioneering in the means of production as well as Egyptian and international trade. SOAL aspires to connect between its farmers, local suppliers and potential markets to tailor comprehensive strategies that best respond to the participants’ needs and manages to create a win-win situation at all times.

SOAL aims to maintain its production steps, packaging, and logistical aspects all with a deep understanding of the market needs and with utmost compliance with international quality requirements and standards. Our farm is certified by the GLOBALG.A.P. assurance program. Our goal is to become the go-to source for fresh produce in Egypt as well as extending our international networks to reach new territories. We understand customers’ desires and priorities while coping with the changing market trends.

With a deep-rooted knowledge in Egypt’s crops as well as the market, SOAL understands that ensuring premium quality goods is the key to the success of our mission. For that reason, we solely coordinate with top-quality packing houses and service providers. At SOAL, serving our customers with paramount care is our ultimate objective.

SOAL believes that quality runs in parallel with product development. Produce is grown in our Egypt-based farms or retrieved from trusted local sources. We, then, prepare for exportation by coordinating with ISO 22000 and BRC-certified packing houses.

Our Seasonal Produce

Orange and Mandarin November to April
Strawberries May to July
Grapes May to July
Mangoes May to July
Plum May to July
Onions Year-round
Chili Peppers April to November
Cucumber November to March
Sweet Potatoes September to December
Artichoke November to March
Green Beans Year-round
Pomegranate July to November
Bell Peppers August to January
Lettuce October to June
Garlic February to may
Medical Plants Year-round